Well, Thanksgiving is over everybody and Christmas is on the way! Has everybody got there Christmas shopping done already? I don't, I still have to get started. The only person I've already done the Christmas shopping for is myself. He he he. What is everybody going to get for there shar-pei?

The very very hard part of this Christmas is going to be not having Dazee Mae, our shar-pei, here to celebrate it with. She decided it was time to go to home. You know, where you are before you come here and then where you go when you leave. But we did the right thing because we did not want to see her suffer anymore. And now she is guarding the gates of heaven, a very busy job. Also, as always, everything Shar-Pei can be found in one of the separate categories. Enjoy!

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This is our beloved Dazee Mae, The Great Shar-Pei.  Isn't she beau

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